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Kneading Neck Shoulder Massager

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Product description

Important Note:

- Charging: Red light during charging, not for use. Green light when fully charged.
- Power: Press and hold the button for 5-10 seconds to turn on (avoid frequent pressing).

Quick Guide:
1. Cycle Button: 
   - 1st level: External expansion, soothes neck skin.
   - 2nd level: Inward circulation, relieves cervical pain.

2. Cervical Spine Massage:
   - 1st level: Mild.
   - 2nd level: Strong, like human hands.
   - 3rd level: Intense, great for shoulder fatigue.

3. Heating Button:
   - Level 1: Red light therapy without heat.
   - Level 2: Warm and soothing, safe for skin.

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